Call for Papers: Applied Feminism: How Feminist Legal Theory is Changing the Law

The University of Baltimore School of Law is hosting their Second Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference in 2009.  The conference, which will bring together law students, legal academics, practitioners and activists, "will look at discrete areas of the law and ask how feminist legal theory operates or could operate to expand existing law, create new law, or combat contractions in the law." 

This conference will address these issues from the perspectives of activists, practitioners and academics. The conference will provide an opportunity for participants and audience members to exchange ideas about the current state of feminist legal theory by looking at how those theories are being actualized in practice and in specific areas of the law. From the conference, we hope to further the discourse about the future of feminist legal theory and its practical applications to the law.

Additionally, the University is seeking submissions from those interested in presenting. Academics, law students and practitioners are encouraged to apply. A one page abstract is due by October 17, 2008, with a working draft due in February 2009. Last year's abstracts are available here.

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