Career Directions Outside of Being a Lawyer for Lawyers

Becoming a lawyer is a professional dream that many people share. Many people want to become a lawyer due to the allure of the job as well as the potential for high compensation. While many people do end up having very long and successful careers as a lawyer, there are some situations in which someone may decide that they no longer want to pursue that career. If you are a lawyer and would like to switch into a different career path, there are a variety of different types of jobs that are great fits for people with a legal background.

Sales and Negotiations

One career path that could be a great option for someone with a legal background is to go into sales and negotiations. Part of being a lawyer involves negotiating with other parties in order to best represent client. This is a very transferable skill that would work in a variety of fields. For example, when looking to sell a Honda Civic 2016 model year, someone with a legal background would be better suited to handling negotiations with potential buyers.

Human Resources

One career path that is very attractive for someone that is in the legal industry is to go into human resources. The human resources industry is a very important part and component of any organization. Larger organizations will often employ their own human resources directors and many companies look for lawyers to run that department. This is because lawyers will have a better understanding of recruiting and hiring laws and practices, which could help to prevent lawsuits if a less experienced person makes a mistake. Further, the lawyer could provide support if the company is sued.

Project Management and Consulting

Many lawyers also end up going into consulting roles where they can work on a wide variety of projects. These consultants will be able to handle a wide range of different tasks and are often responsible for the overall development and management of a project. This includes working with a client to come up with a strategy and handling all challenges that are presented along the way.


Another career path that somebody in the legal industry could consider pursuing would be in the field of compliance. Many organizations are regulated and needed to comply with federal and state requirements in order to stay in good standing. To do this, many organizations will end up trying to hire lawyers to better interpret and implement compliance regulations. A lawyer is a great fit for this as they will have a better means of understanding the law and putting a compliance plan into action. Compliance officers in this role will also be responsible for discussing the status of compliance plans with regulators. The prior negotiations skills that a lawyer has learned will also be very beneficial in this capacity as well.


For those that are involved in a type of law that involves drafting contracts, a significant amount of attention to detail and writing skill is developed over time. For those that enjoy the writing aspect of the job, pursuing a career in writing could be a great option. This can include getting a job writing for a blog or publication or even starting your own writing website. There are a variety of jobs out there where writing is the core responsibility and could be a good fit for a lawyer.

While many people go to law school and eventually pass the legal bar exam with the intent of working as a lawyer for the entirety of their career, others end up finding a new career path entirely. If you are a lawyer and would like to do something new, it is important to carefully consider all of your interests and options. It would be beneficial to pursue your passions to ensure that you are interested in your new career, which will help to ensure your success.

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