Career Tips: How to Become Persuasive in Sales?

One essential requirement to become successful in the field of sales is the ability to persuade people. While it may sound easy, not a lot of people can persuade other people to change their minds and believe them and do or buy the things that they recommend. However, having the ability to persuade people effortlessly needs preparation, a lot of practice, and persistence.

Persuasion is a natural skill that we have learned since we were kids. In fact, we experience being persuaded almost every day from watching TV, listening to music, and when talking with your friends and loved ones without even realizing it. But this natural ability doesn’t always stand out when it comes to persuasive selling techniques and skills. It requires training and preparation.  Luckily, below we have some ways you can follow to develop your persuasion skills to the next level and further enhance your persuasive selling.

#1 Enhance your product knowledge

As a salesperson, you should be fully aware and knowledgeable about the brand or company you work for and the products or services you are offering to the consumers. One of the best ways is to put yourself in your target consumer’s shoes and see if you can persuade yourself. Also, ask assistance from your colleagues about the most common Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning techniques that you can use to convince your prospects during sales presentations easily. Study every aspect of the product you are offering and make sure to become an expert in your field. With this, it gives you more confidence and a surefire way to leave long-lasting impressions on your clients.

#2 Try persuasive writing

Another effective way to enhance your persuasive selling skill is through writing. You can use this approach to build your persuasive abilities as well as your confidence. You may start by creating a list of arguments that will help you create a good point and use them as the basis for your persuasion presentation. However, try to avoid somethings that would make your presentation to become like a corny commercial. Try to make it more personal since all of your prospects are people too and can easily relate and even appreciate being approached as an actual human being. You can also use your own experiences about how the product or services you are offering was able to solve your problems and needs. Furthermore, make sure to create different approaches since people are different from one another. Also, it is way better to create compelling stories instead of using bullet points and slideshows. Remember, people are more interested in listening to a great story, and it’s more convincing. It allows you to capture your audience’s interest, where you can use it as an opportunity to sell persuasively.

#3  Study the art of persuasion

To understand the art of persuasion, you need to know its three essential components, according to Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle. The first component is called ‘ethos’ that points out the credibility of the presenter. Your knowledge and job title being a salesperson is your primary tool to take advantage of your prospects. Like we have mentioned earlier, you need to have an extensive understanding of the product or services that you are offering in the market to make people easily trust you. The second element is called ‘pathos’ that points out the consumer’s emotions, and it is highly effective when building connections even on a personal level, which also triggers Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning to your prospect. Being able to connect with your prospects emotionally allows you to persuade and sell to them effectively. The last component is called ‘logos’ that needs supporting facts to persuade your prospect. You’ll be needing data, facts, and statistics to back up your argument. You can also use your own experience as a testimony to make your point. Mixing these three creates powerful, persuasive selling presentations.

#4 Training

You probably already heard about the phrase ‘practice makes perfect.’ To master persuasion, you need to do a lot of practicing. Moreover, you can look for people who are more experienced than you and learn from them. In fact, some are even willing to coach you. There are also online sales courses that can help you improve your persuasive selling.


Persuasive selling can’t be learned overnight. You need to spend time studying and practicing it to become successful in your chosen career.


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