Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

Achieving a law degree is no small feat. The schooling is difficult and requires you to study hard and work harder. The benefit, however, is that a law degree allows you to pursue nearly any career path you want. Here are a few of the most common careers you can choose from.

1. Law Firms

Perhaps the most obvious choice is a law firm. Working as an attorney has its benefits. Not only does it pay great, but you're actually able to utilize the education you received in school. There's a number of different fields within the firm from which you can challenge yourself. Perhaps a car accident attorney seems appealing to you, or maybe being a patent lawyer is more up your alley. Traffic accidents are common and people will continue to create new inventions, so your job security is pretty strong.

Of course, there's criminal and civil lawyers as well. By working your way through a firm, you will gain great experience and have the opportunity to move up within the firm, or go start your own.

2. Politics

Who better to try their hand at creating and interpreting law than those who understand it? Politicians influence the future of local and national communities. There's also an incredible trajectory in this career field. While it's best to start within your own local government, as you gain traction and a following, you can work your way up to represent your entire state in Washington DC.

As history has shown, senators and lawmakers can even garner up enough experience and popularity to run for President. A look at the past few decades shows us that law degree holders can hold office. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton both had law degrees. With enough ambitions, you too could have your chance to sit in the oval office.

3. Finances

For those who have an interest in money and how money works, you can do no better than working in the financial sector. There's also a wide range of clients to select from as well. Bankrupt households could come to you for help. Small business owners may need financial advice or protection, and you could be the guiding hand to help them achieve success. You may even work your way up to the corporate world. You can help corporate offices protect their interests and become a valued member of their society. The financial outlook for financial lawyers is pretty great, too.

4. Public Interest Advocacy

Perhaps the reason you wanted to pursue a law degree was to help people. As such, you may find yourself working within public interest advocacy. By finding an organization or group who is fighting for a cause that you believe in, you can lend them your legal know-how and support that cause. You can help equip the leaders of those organizations with the best plan possible to influence policymakers to make decisions that benefit the cause. In this career, not only can you use your law degree, but you can do so whilst pursuing something you believe in, too.

5. Teaching

You may just find that you actually prefer the life of academia. Excellent teachers are always needed. You can take your education and your law degree and give it right back to future students who can benefit greatly from you. Working in academia allows you to research law in order to find ways to improve or update it.

No matter where your interests or values take you, there's a career out there.

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