Celebrating the Career of Chief Judge Judith Kaye

The New York Law Journal is celebrating Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye's career in a variety of posts over the next several weeks:

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye has written hundreds of opinions hewing closely to the state's legal traditions at the same time they seek to anticipate changes in society.

As the chief executive officer of all the state's courts, she has promoted myriad reforms to make justice more efficient and more accessible.

At the end of this month, her 25 years on the state's highest Court - a record 15 as chief judge - will end. Beginning today, the Law Journal will examine her legacy.

Today's focus is on her adjudicative accomplishments and approach to issues like capital punishment and the rights of nontraditional families.

On Monday Dec. 8, we will examine her method of administrating the state's sprawling court system.
And on Dec. 15, we will publish a special section featuring essays from people who have worked closely with her, sharing their thoughts and memories about her tenure.

Today's features:

Kaye's Approach To Change Cautious And Pragmatic

With a Journalist's Training, Kaye Favors 'No-Frills' Prose

Noteworthy Decisions

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