Columbia Law School Graduate Caroline Kennedy in the Senate?

The ABA Journal has picked up on an ABC News' The Note blog report that New York Governor David Paterson wants Caroline Kennedy, a 1988 Columbia Law School graduate, to replace Senator Hillary Clinton.  Earlier this week, Robert Kennedy Jr. apparently also told a New York Times reporter, Jonathon Hicks, that "Caroline Kennedy would be the perfect choice if she would agree to do it."

Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy, if she were to take the position, would be filling the senate seat for which her uncle Robert F. Kennedy, served as senator.  Additionally, with many comparisons circulating between the 'Camelot' era under JFK and the recent election of Barack Obama as president, Caroline Kennedy would join her uncle, Massachesetts Senator Ted Kennedy in serving under Obama.

No confirmation has come from Obama, Caroline Kennedy, or Governor Paterson.  Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter commented to ABC news: "President-elect Obama has a very high regard for Caroline Kennedy.  But he has not spoken with Governor Paterson or Caroline Kennedy about the race and has no involvement in this process."

Governor Paterson's office told FOX News: "The governor has not yet reached out to any potential candidates.  He has been approached by several candidates.  Any discussions related to that selection are private and the governor will not comment about speculation before a decision is made."


Karen H

Senators don’t serve "under" presidents.  I know that many are hoping that Congress will work to implement all of Pres-elect Obama’s plans but members of Congress work for the people.  I have a lot of respect for Caroline Kennedy but I think that being a member of a family that has had a good deal of political influence for the past 50 years is a negative and not a positive


The photo of Caroline Kennedy is my copyrighted work and is being used here without license.  Please remove it from this site.


Thank you for calling this to our attention.  The photo on this post  has been switched to resolve this issue.

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