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Couture At Law: From Work Hours to After Hours

The rising temperature is not the only thing that is sizzling hot right now! If you're like me, the increased mercury also means an increase in the events penciled in your social calendar. Since the arrival of the summer solstice, I've attended at least 2 after work events a week, with more scheduled to come! While it's exciting to have a fun-filled life beyond the strictures of the office clock, it DOES leave you with the dilemma of what to wear. How do you go from the office to an evening out without keeping a whole different wardrobe under your desk or running home to change? Simple.


The key to transitioning your look from the office to the after-party is what you wear WITH your work-appropriate clothes. Start with basic pieces that you can punch up with accessories. It's no secret that that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress because it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  A tailored tank shift dress, such as this J.Crew dress paired with a jacket and pumps is perfectly appropriate for the office, but can be easily transitioned into a chic, posh after hours look with a few minimal changes.


Now that you have your basic black dress, it's time to raise the bar with some key pieces. A quick and easy way to take your look from day to night is by adding bold, statement jewelry. In a typical office environment, we tend to opt for simple pieces of jewelry, such as a small pair of studded earrings and a dainty necklace. However, when the clock strikes 6, it's time to ditch those conservative pieces in favor of something more glam. Because you started with essentially a blank canvas with the black dress, you can really dress up and personalize your outfit with a statement necklace, such as this Cypress Cone Necklace from Banana Republic, and this spectacular Swarovski Matador ring which will help you to evoke a chic and effortless, yet eye-catching look for a glamorous evening out. However, the key is to look elegant not tacky. Be careful not to pile on the accessories! Make sure all your jewelry looks good together. If in doubt, remove, not add to your stash of bling.


Heels automatically amp up the glam factor of any outfit and make for a more polished look. The higher and sleeker the heel, the more confident you'll feel and the more fabulous you'll look! Take off your flats and slip on a pair of peep-toe stilettos in a stand out color, such as these red Jimmy Choo Quiet Patent Leather pumps to give your outfit extra punch.


It's 6:00 pm. You've got on your little black dress, your statement necklace, super luxe cocktail ring and bold heels. But before you head out the door, take a minute to revamp your make-up. Use a bolder, brighter shade of lipstick, shimmering eye shadow and mascara for a showstopping, 'I'm shutting down the town' look! Don't forget to pop a breath-mint and swap your briefcase for a sophisticated clutch and you're ready to go!

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