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Decision Point: Things to Consider Before Applying to Law School

When I told my friends and family I wanted to go to law school most of them said, "We all knew you were going to be a lawyer, we were just waiting for you to figure it out." However, not everyone has been supportive of my revelation. When I told current attorneys and other professionals encountered through informational interviews that I was considering law school, they confronted me with a long list of considerations that were often presented as reasons I shouldn't pursue a law degree.

No one can tell you if law school is right for you, that decision is yours alone. But no matter the decision, make it an informed one. So grab a journal, your favorite pen and whatever else you may need to settle in for some serious soul-searching.

What do you really want to do? Is law school the best avenue for you to accomplish your career goals?

What are you most passionate about? How can a law degree help you pursue your passion? Do some research. What are your other options? Is a Masters or MBA program better suited to your goals? Why do you need a JD for what you want to accomplish? Not sure where to start exploring your options, Ms. JD's blog is a great resource with interviews and information on a variety of career paths you can take with a JD. Spend some time exploring!

How have professionals with your dream jobs gotten to where they are? Set up some informational interviews with these people to learn more about what they do and their paths. (Need some tips on informational interviews? Ms. JD can help with that!)

What does your life post-law school look like? What does a career in law look like? (Hint, it's not exactly like on TV or in the movies.) Take some time to investigate the legal field for yourself.

Is law school and a legal career a good fit for your personalityWant to dig a little deeper into your personality? Take a 5 minute assessment. Think about what it will take to succeed in law school and if you have the drive and determination to come out on top.

Have you considered the finances? Financial planning is serious business. Especially considering the current state of the legal job market, finding a way to finance your legal education is paramount

Still unsure? The Ms. JD Board of Directors shared their insights here and here as did the Ms. JD community. You can always download the Ms. JD Pre-Law Prep Guide for some more guidance. And sometimes it's helpful to get perspective from someone who's more experienced to see what their biggest regrets were about law school.

In need of more soul searching? The Girl's Guide to Law School has several articles that can help you find more clarity!

About the Author: Laura Bladow is Ms. JD's Programs Manager in addition to being a passionate pre-law woman. Have questions about law school or pursuing a career with a JD? Leave a comment below or tweet @msjdtweets & @laurabladow with the hashtag #msjdprelaw and engage with our community! Looking for more pre-law resources, check out Ms. JD's Pre-Law Prep Guide as well as the pre-law section of our blog!



These are all important things to look at when considering law school. I agree that you need to learn what you are passionate about. My friend has always wanted to be a defense attorney her entire life. She has always wanted to protect and defend innocent people. Since she went into her undergrad knowing this, she quickly graduated law school at the young age of 23. Knowing what your passion is when practicing law is something that works as an amazing guideline when enrolling in classes.

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