Do you cry because you’re sad, or because you’re angry? [Clippings]

About a week ago, we had a discussion (prompted by coverage of Hillary Clinton) about attorneys showing emotion, either tearing up or outright crying. Jezebel has a related post up, asking their (mostly female) readership: do you cry because you're angry, or because you're sad? The comments thread is interesting--and supportive, if you're one of many women who tears up more easily than she would like. The prompt for Jezzie's post was a Daily Mail article by Carol Sarler, who stakes out the execrably woman-hating woman position that women cry to manipulate. (Maybe some do, but there are plenty of us who hate that we cry, try like hell not to, and know that we suffer adverse consequences when we tear up. Why on earth would we do it on purpose?)



Thanks for linking to that—it was a very interesting comment thread, and I could relate. I would love to know a way to PREVENT crying at moments when I feel it's inappropriate. Any ideas? Behavioral modification? Cauterize tear ducts?


CM—glad you liked the thread, and thanks for your questions! I took them as prompts to write a list of 12 ways to avoid crying at work. Hope it is helpful!


It took a long time for me to realize that people often are looking to their own inclinations when they accuse others.  The pain of the question "Why on earth would you think that of me?" melts away in this light.  Human beings come in so many varieties—stay on your toes!!!

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