Dominate Your Purpose: Be Yourself. Do Good Work.

It is no surprise to me at all that my number one peace of career advice comes from my mother. At a very young age, I remember her saying, “Always remember to dominate your purpose.” She would say it when I was approaching a new phase in life or when I was faced with a difficult challenge. In reflecting on the various points in my life when I heard this powerful phrase, I realize that my interpretation of its meaning has evolved over time.

When I was a child, it meant to give my very best at school and in my activities. As an adolescent, it meant to set goals and work to accomplish them by any means necessary. As a young adult navigating formal education, it meant gaining knowledge and intentionally taking part in opportunities that may not have otherwise been afforded to me while strategizing how to positively enhance the lives of others. Now that I am a young professional working in a new industry with often uncharted territory, I take the advice as a reminder to confidently and unapologetically enter spaces in efforts to make a valuable impact while always being of service.

How does one do that? It’s really quite simple. Be yourself, and do good work.

When you commit to being the most authentic version of yourself, even on a professional level, you are forced to operate from a place that showcases your unique skill sets. When you simultaneously produce consistently stellar work, you become a reliable source that your peers and leaders can trust. Taking this approach sets a foundation for overall happiness and career growth because you can create a platform that allows you to operate from your core values.

By being yourself and doing good work, you can begin to create your own interpretation for what it means to dominate your purpose.

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