Drive Your Journey: Facebook as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

A recent Pew Research Center study shows that the majority of U.S. adults are on present on Facebook, and three-quarters of those adults visit Facebook every day. This makes Facebook a great online platform for building a brand.

So, what should you do to maximize your use of Facebook? Below are several suggestions:

  1. Create a page. If you are familiar with Facebook, you are likely aware that there is a difference between a profile, which is where you allow people to be added as “friends”, and a profile, which people follow by “liking” the page. Pages are not just reserved for business owners, you can, for example, also create a page as a public figure. On your page, you can share both original and curated content, including, updates on your activities. Additionally, you build relationships with other brands by tagging those brands in your page status updates, as you collaborate with them. Facebook pages allow you to schedule posts in advance, so you do not have to be present to continue to share with your audience.
  2. Use the events scheduling function. When you have any event, regardless of whether the event is in person or online, consider scheduling the event on your Facebook page when appropriate. Scheduling events on Facebook pages serves a couple of functions. First, a person states that he or she will be attending or possibly attending the event, it shows his or her friends. This can create interest among others who may not be in your audience but who may have similar interests. Second, those who state that they will attend or will tentatively attend will be reminded about the event as the date approaches.
  3. Use live video. Live video allows you to create video on a topic of your choosing but in real time, which allows you to both save time and seem more relatable, since it will not be edited. Facebook is one of the best platforms for live video. Unlike some platforms, Facebook currently saves the videos on your page beyond twenty-four hours. In addition, your live videos can exist on the same page as you written content.
  4. Create a Facebook group. Facebook groups are a great way to keep your audience engaged if you can make time to be active in the group or hire an assistant to maintain your Facebook group. Facebook groups allow you to cater to a specific group of individuals who are interested in a particular topic. You should provide exclusive content to those in the Facebook group to encourage others to join! Being a leader of a Facebook group will also help you to gain authority.
  5. Consider Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be used to create awareness about your page, a post, a product, or an offer. Facebook allows you to target by location as well as other factors. As an aside, you should certainly do research about the best ways to do a Facebook campaign to avoid wasteful spending.

What are some of your favorite strategies for using Facebook? Comment below!

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