Drive Your Journey: LinkedIn as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

As an attorney, it is likely that you are already familiar with and have created a LinkedIn profile. The question is: Are you using it to its full potential? If you are using LinkedIn simply as an online resume, you are missing out on the increasing value that LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn has continued to increase the features that can be used to help people to connect, build relationships, and access opportunities. As of the date of publication, below are some of the top ways to use LinkedIn to build a professional brand.

  1. Post. While LinkedIn may not be the social media platform that you use to share photos of your night out, it is, indeed, a social media platform; therefore, it is important to engage. You may want to post links to articles, but be sure to add your thoughts or a brief summary to the post to make it more engaging. You can also post original content, both written and video.
  2. Write articles. LinkedIn gives you the ability to write articles through its platform. If you do not currently have a blog, you can start by writing through LinkedIn to build your brand name. On LinkedIn, people can follow you, so that they will see when you add a new article even if they are not your connection.
  3. Use the ability to add multimedia to your page. If you do public speaking, you can add video of clips of you speaking to your profile page. If you own a firm and want visitors to your page to easily get information regarding your firm, you can add a PDF that can be downloaded. Do you have a non-confidential presentation that you would like to share with others? It can be added to your profile page too. This is a unique feature of LinkedIn, which makes it stand out from other social media platforms.
  4. Utilize hashtags. Yes, hashtags are a thing on LinkedIn as well. Here’s a tip: If you post often, create your own hashtag that someone can click to find all of your content. If you have a hashtag that you use on other social media networks, for consistency, you should consider using the same hashtag.
  5. Select a professional-looking photo as a profile photo. This is one of the simplest features to use. However, not everyone does it. Who wants to connect via social media with the platform’s default photo? People want to connect with people, so adding a photo is important if you feel comfortable with it. Professional-looking, for the purposes of your LinkedIn profile picture, means that you have a high-quality image. Professional-looking does not have to mean a traditional photo in an uncomfortable suit jacket in front of a photo studio background. Instead, consider who you want to be as a professional and who you want to serve and plan for your photo accordingly. Maybe you forgo a suit jacket. Maybe you take your picture outside. You have creative control!

This week, consider updating your LinkedIn profile page and come up with a strategy to consistently implement some of the above tips. Be sure to come back to comment below with your favorite strategies from this post and any that you find through experimenting with the platform!

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