Drive Your Journey: No, You Are Not Too Successful to Build Your Brand Online

“I’m already successful. I don’t need social media.”

I must admit. Hearing this from attorneys, or any professionals for that matter, is my pet peeve. In my last post, I talked about how to prepare for an online first impression and how utilizing certain strategies can present you as a thought-leader to potential clients or employers. Still, in my conversations, I sometimes have attorneys who feel that, due to their current success, they need not utilize digital media to build their brand.

Perhaps, digital media is not for everyone for whatever reason. However, remember:

  1. Digital media works for you when you are not present. When I look at social media, I am highly interested in the analytics. Some people do not even realize that social media platforms and tools compatible with social media platforms allow you to look at the data behind content posts. While “likes” on social media are nice and are usually the number on which people focus, it is more interesting, for example, to find out the time that viewers engaged with your post. When you see that there were people looking at your content at 2 am, as you slept like a baby, it starts to set in that your content can work for you when cannot be present. Digital media, including social media, is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week tool to market your professional brand and, if applicable, your business.
  2. Social media is also about expanding your network. We have limits on how many in-person networking events we can attend in a year. Social media is a way to grow and develop your network in your pajamas! Again, as I mentioned in my last post, it is important to engage with others on social media, but you can go further than the “thanks” underneath a compliment on one of your posts. You can create meaningful relationships. One strategy that I use to create meaningful virtual relationships is to share content and tag in the post followers who I know may be interested in the content.  In this way, the follower knows that I am genuinely interested in her success.  I had the fortune of virtually meeting some interesting attorneys who served as my first guests on my podcast, Practicing while Black. You never know how you can support one another!
  3. You can never be too successful. At least, in my view, you cannot. While you may already be successful, developing a stronger professional brand can lead to more clients or more of the client that you wish to service. For attorneys who do not need to bring in clients (i.e. public service, in-house), developing a stronger professional brand can lead to greater professional opportunities. How can this be? Simple. You create interest in who you are when you utilize digital media . You do not need to post content about law at all. Show off your cooking skills! Post about your favorite books! People engage with people they feel that they know, like, and trust.

Do you think that you can ever be too successful to continue building your personal brand? Comment below!

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