Drive Your Journey: The Unexpected Redirection

While changes in one’s life can be intentional, there are times when the unplanned may occur. For example, you may have your heart set on practicing in a certain area of the law and not get hired in the positions to which you initially apply. You may focus on applying to positions in a certain city but get a fitting offer in another city. This may redirect your journey, but the key is to remember that you are on a journey. It does not have to be your final destination and likely will not be.

First, remember to embrace where you are. There are many factors beyond you that could have contributed to not getting the outcome that you desired. The important point is that you tried, and, as long as you try, you are moving forward. Now, you must deal with the reality of where you are and maintain a positive outlook. How your journey will be still depends on you and your perspective. Your personality and how you carry yourself will become part of your brand.

Second, position yourself for the next stage of your career. Using one of the above examples, if you eventually want to be in particular city, you can continue to network in the other city. If you do not receive the position you want, give it a chance and learn as much as you can from the role. If you feel that the position is not ideal for you, you can make an intentional change later.

In posts to follow, I will discuss each of those points in further detail.

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