Empowering Today’s women: Tips on Being the Best Lawyer

We see them every day, particularly on TV shows where we witness them shouting at the accused of some crimes committed. We are fascinated by the fact that these people are mostly women and become symbols of authority and power. Who are these people?

Viola Davis stars as criminal defense lawyer Annalise Keating in ABC Studio’s hit series, How to Get Away With Murder, is an example of how sleek and cunning a lawyer can be. She is smart, witty, and always 3 or 4 steps ahead of having the edge over against any that dare to confront her.

With qualities as perfect as the ones Annalise has, one can only look in amazement and say, “I want to be a lawyer, I want to be like her.” The show discusses several topics concerning moral and ethical issues around the profession of being a lawyer.

As viewers, we tend to quickly judge or decide an outcome without thinking about the consequences. In real life, however, it is very different. Are you willing to face the parents of the murdered victim once you get your client to win? What will you say to your children when they find out that one of your bosses is a high profile mafia boss?

Although the world of lawyers may seem dark and murky, there are some cases that lawyers become the heroes and heroines of the misunderstood. They become the voice of the voiceless and protect those in dire need of legal counsel.

Becoming a Lawyer with those purposes in mind can be a great and rewarding thing. Are you ready to hug the victim’s family once you win their case against a monster who you just put into jail? Will you become ecstatic that you know you prevented a child molester from claiming another victim? Are you prepared to face the burden that comes with being a lawyer?

Here are some tips to consider if you want to be a lawyer.

Financial Burden

Being a lawyer isn’t cheap. In the U.S alone, studying to become one costs more than $160,000. As contrary to how people see it, becoming a lawyer won’t ensure that you’ll have financial comfort for the rest of your life.

Many Lawyers do in fact earn huge compensations, but you as a person should weigh the costs of studying for that degree. Bear in mind, that if you do make the right decisions and work hard enough, you could be in a large law firm and earn handsomely for your part.


As you might have already noticed, being a lawyer is extremely difficult. U.S. Law requires that for one to be a lawyer, he/she must already possess a bachelor’s degree.

Once a license is acquired, another three years is required for you to become an attorney. After that, you need to take the Law School Admission Test and bar exams that are meticulously crafted by others in the legal body to test you.

Under Pressure

As with being in other professions, being under pressure is a constant requirement. Juniors or Apprentice Lawyers are subjected to a lot of pressure when they face their respectable seniors. Small mistakes such as wrong entries in papers become the reason why some upstarts do not continue pursuing their law degree.

Public Speaking

Being comfortable speaking aloud in public is also a quality that an attorney must have. In the courtroom, judges, the jury, the public, and a lot of other significant people must know the facts and information concerning a case that you should expectedly deliver without problems.

In-house lawyers or those in small firms are even required to lead meetings and make presentations to each other.

Analytical Mind

Are you prepared to digest tons of information regarding a case? Can you analyze why Victim A was here with Victim B? A lot of clear thinking is a requirement in this field. Being a lawyer can be likened to a mathematician or a scientist solving equations and problems.  

If you have a sharp mind, steady perseverance and persistence, being an attorney may suit you well.


A lawyer must be cunning. He/she should be strong willed and should not show any weakness that the other camp might exploit. Sometimes, a well-versed lawyer is the only thing that stands in the way for an innocent victim to spend the rest of their life behind bars.

Women are often underestimated for the simple fact that they are Women. This often becomes a Female Attorney’s ace. Who could imagine that such a timid and meek looking lady possess the allure and cunning of a seasoned veteran. Using such prejudices can and often become decisive during battles in court.

People in this profession must be unforgiving. If they do spot a weakness on the other side, they must capitalize on it as soon as possible. If they spend too much time thinking about possible repercussions, then a case might as well be considered lost.

Dressing for the Part

As a lawyer, clients and other people should see how respectable you are. The lawyers you see in tv shows who dress sharply are with reason. As horrible as it may seem, dressing smartly and appropriately can intimidate your opponents in the court which can turn to your advantage.

Women are naturals in this area. The term “Dressed to Kill” rightfully belongs to the Female Lawyer. Women will see to it that they demand respect from both men and women alike by dressing sharply. It doesn’t have to be designer wear, but something as simple as a sleek looking blazer or a skirt that blends well with the whole attire could do the trick.

The next time you see someone who dresses right and has this intimidating aura, it is safe to say that he/she might be a lawyer.


There is nothing wrong with admiring the qualities a lawyer has. A man or woman with the looks, the cunning and the knowledge is simply a sight to behold. With all the glory that comes with it, you should also consider the weight of moral and ethical issues that come with being one.

In case that the facts still don’t discourage you from being an attorney, keep in mind that public speaking shouldn’t be a problem for you. Pressure is nothing. You should show no weaknesses. You must possess an iron will that will help you and your client. You must be logical and analytical when it comes to cold hard facts.

And as a bonus, you get to dress the part. Flaunt it. Show to the world that you deserve respect by dressing appropriately. Use it as a weapon to intimidate and demand respect. If nothing else scares you, then say it out loud:  "Through Hardships to the Stars!"

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