Everything You Need to Know About Female Lawyer’s Dress Code

Style and fashion are something that a lawyer must take seriously. Most problems of lawyers are their fashion and style, being either a hit or miss. Sometimes, lack of fashion sense can damage a lawyer’s reputation. Dressing sloppy or too casual can damage a lawyer's image.

A lawyer’s fashion is an important tool that will cultivate their personal brand. Their personal presentation is what seals the deal in landing new business for the firm.

According to study, the appearance of a person is a strong influence to other people’s viewpoint of their authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, financial success, and suitability for promotion or hire. The way a person presents him/herself have a strong impact on the client’s enthusiasm to share information.

Fashion plays an important role that can make a client say “yes” to the firm. Don’t let the business flop because of a questionable fashion style. Here are some dress codes to dress up and use fashion to aid in the field and the firm attain new business.

Dress for the job title and practice area

Being a lawyer means competence and credibility which are significantly important. Dressing appropriately for the position and job is vital in getting both the peers and clients trust.

A lawyer’s appearance gives the first impression. And when a client hires an attorney, they always expect them to have a certain look, especially if they are paying high for the services.

It is important to be a lawyer with both fashion and style that will fit the client’s standard. Wearing suit and make-up can view a more professional vibe for high paying clients. There is no doubt that most of the clients will make assumption basing on the appearance. Women with neat and professional style look competent and trustworthy.

Always remember that a lawyer must be able to adjust their style, as their practice grows and the ideal client also changes. The wardrobe must match well in what they are representing and who they want to represent.

Do Dress Conservatively

Female lawyers need to go to courtrooms. Judges would disagree with short skirts and too much cleavage blouses. It doesn’t follow the courtroom standard. Female lawyers should make sure that their clothes are not too revealing and are not distracting to anyone.

Law as a profession is all about using the brain, so let the intelligence be the prominent feature in presenting. The safest clothing piece for lady lawyers are pantsuits and skirt suits. They can still stay stylish without compromising glamor and comfort. Also, match it with comfortable clothes.

Women dresses can be a bother sometimes but always be sure that it can give comfort while trying to argue inside the courtroom.

Do Listen To The Inner Voice

A person’s judgment is important in seeing if they are dressing appropriately for a certain working environment. If there is a time when the inner voice raises a concern, always listen to the concern and try making adjustments. If still unsure of the style and outfit for work, try taking a picture and ask a friend or colleague for their honest feedback.

Don’t Wear Clothes that Don’t Fit

Showing too much skin can be distracting. Same goes for wearing ill-fitting clothes that shouldn’t be in a lawyer’s wardrobe. One of the most important point to remember when choosing clothing pieces for work is to make sure to buy the clothes that fit well. It is always important to feel comfortable.

Don’t Be Anyone But Yourself

Even in a professional setting, there is an existing rule of thumbs for fashion. Always think that the most important thing on dressing up for work is to remain yourself. Do not adopt someone else’s fashion style.

It can become harmful to the career because one can lack confidence because she is not comfortable. Wear the clothes that fit and give comfort to the body. Besides the fashion style, confidence is the shortcut route in earning both the respect and trust of clients and colleagues.


Fashion and style are essential for lawyers as well. Female lawyers must not overlook their style, especially when meeting a client. Wearing the basic while adding some twists can save some stress and sweat to the lawyer. Wearing the appropriate clothes plus confidence can help in earning trust from future clients.



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