Extracurricular Activities Prior to Law School

Integrating extracurricular collegiate activities. Good grades hold an essential spot in preparation for law school acceptance and for your actual success in law school, yet you will need to present yourself as a well-rounded law school candidate. For this reason, it is important for you to plan on becoming involved with extracurricular college activities. 

  • Get involved in the college experience right away. It is common for admissions committees at the law firm you seek to attend to request information regarding the length of time you were involved with each extracurricular activity as well as the type of meaningful contributions which you made during these activities. Waiting till you have reached your senior year in college to attend and become involved with groups may be viewed with more skepticism because it could appear you are doing it just to put on your resume as opposed to something that you have done out of a genuine interest for the activity.
  • Do not join every groups you come across. If you spread yourself too thin, your depth in each activity and your involvement will be less significant. Rather consider getting deeply involved in a handful of college activities that you are interested in.
  • Explore multiple options such as intramural sports, affinity clubs, service groups—and once you have found a couple that you like or perhaps once you have found one that you can really become involved with, commit yourself and become deeply involved.
  • Track your involvement in the form of hours and achievement. When law school applications ask for specific information into the amount of hours and length of time in months or years which you are involved with a particular service, this information will be available to you at your fingertips.

Once again, it is important to consider the overall long term goal here. Getting into law school is necessary to become an attorney, yet the inter-social activities that are available to college students can be tremendously valuable in preparing for a good attorney position at a law firm.

  • Consider established organizations such as prestigious groups which are nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF and others. These groups often have chapters on college campuses throughout the country. Because of their organization structure, there is also a greater likelihood that you could accomplish something in a more organized manner.
  • If you possess the kind of leadership skills to create and run your own organization, and you start early, this could be one of the most powerful methods of showing your tenacity to an acceptance commitee. 

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