In family law, women lawyers “bring more to the table” than men can

For so long, positions of authority were held by men who believed women were to be subservient to them. One would like to think that was at a time when women were not given the opportunity to excel in the world, especially the legal world. Times have changed, slowly, but changed none the less. Throughout the US, in all law school institutions, the ratio of male to female students has increasingly evened out, with some universities admitting more females then males. Not only are females entering the legal field, but we are excelling.

A woman can bring more to the table than a man could in certain realms of the legal profession. For everyday people who are thrown into the legal world, it is a scary place. Women have the ability to show more compassion and comfort to those that are clueless and make their experience that much more enjoyable.

I am currently working in the family law division at the Broward Country courthouse. I have observed clients represented by both male and female attorneys. It seems as though the women attorneys show more compassion for their clients. Needless to say, the majority of attorneys that exit law school are looking to make the big bucks and will be willing to take their client for a ride if the price is right. You can tell that some of the female attorneys are really trying to help their clients out because they genuinely think it's the right thing to do and not because they will be making "x" amount of dollars off them.

In the family law division, as an attorney you are both an advocate and counselor to your client and you will inevitably have an impact upon the lives of your clients, hopefully a positive one. Upon entering this field of law, I hope that I can help those families that are unable to stick together as an intact family unit. I not only want to be able to help a husband and wife obtain a divorce, but I want to counsel and help my clients especially ones with children, learn how to interact in a manner that will allow them to set a good example for their children who are extremely effected by divorce.

It is important that children do not see their parents fight and argue. Parents need to be made aware that depending on the age of the children at the time of the dissolution of marriage, the children go through stages just as the parents do. A parent needs to remember that they are only as happy as their unhappiest child. Being a woman and an attorney, you can view events not only through the eyes of an attorney, but as a mother, daughter, and wife.


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Your attribution of personality characteristics (caring, family values, greed) to particular biological sexes is sketchy. Aren't you over-generalizing negatively about men in the same kind of way that feminists work so hard to get people to quit over-generalizing negatively about women?

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