Fashion and Lawyers: 3 Outfits that will make you look like Annalise Keating

Nowadays, Women have more power than in the past. They are no longer set aside as the inferior gender. Today, women are more respected and are considered to be the pillars of society. Due to this openness and acceptance, women are now inclined to have more jobs aside from being housewives, doing menial tasks, or by staying home.

Women who are successful are more than just sex symbols. Instead, they are equal with men, sometimes far superior to them in particular fields. People and media all over the world see these ladies as icons and portray them in pop culture with high regards. Although fictional, these female characters provide inspiration and courage to a lot of aspiring women all over the world.

One of these fictional characters is Annalise Keating. Annalise is a fictional character in the hit series “How to Get Away with Murder.” She is a fantastic lawyer who teaches her students the ways of the trade. She exudes confidence, cunning, and intelligence in the way she handles her cases. Although there’s a fine line blurring reality and fantasy, Annalise, in a way represents a lot of women on how they should present themselves.

Just by the way she dresses, Annalise shows how dominatingly subtle she is towards opposing lawyers. Her demeanor, attitude, and approach to winning her cases present people on how challenging and rewarding an attorney can become. Here are some clothing ideas from Annalise Keating herself.

Spring Coat

During winter times, it's a good idea to keep warm when going from place to place. Annalise Keating frequently hops from office to courtroom to campus. Due to a lot of traveling back and forth, Annalise needs the warmth and style to go with it when handling cases.

Bias-Slit Sheath Dress

Annalise is not only a lawyer, but she’s also an instructor for aspiring students who want to become lawyers. An effective teacher has to be knowledgeable and be well-dressed for their students to respect them. Not only does the outfit bring out that intimidating aura out of Annalise, but she also exudes confidence in which her students look in awe.

Wool Peplum Jacket

When in the office, Annalise needs to be presentable, professional, and perfect for her clients. A gray wool peplum jacket does the job for her. Being a well-known lawyer, a lot of people run to Annalise because of her reputation and intelligence. When people see Annalise and how she dresses, they get a feeling of assurance in winning their cases when they get her to represent them.

Extra Tip: Annalise Keating’s fashion revolves mainly around layering. The show’s costume designer is a master at implementing layers of clothing on Annalise. These layers beautifully coordinate with each other to impose that aura and look of confidence, intelligence, and grace when she steps into the courtroom, office, or classroom.


Being a lawyer is a difficult profession for most people. However, some are born into it and become excellent attorneys. These individuals often exude an aura that most people find attractive. Fictional characters often are masters of showing this atmosphere, although sometimes in more “exaggerated” ways.

However, one such fictional character, Annalise Keating shows a lot of people that to be the best lawyer, one does not only have to be intelligent, cunning, and confident, but they have to dress the part as well. In the hit series “How to Get Away with Murder,” Annalise shows off these qualities and a sleek sense of fashion.

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Sofia Larosa is a writer and a blogger who enjoys writing about fashion and lifestyle. She frequently visits fashion sites such as Seed Heritage to look for ideas and styles. Sofia also has a keen interest in education, law, and economics. When not writing, Sofia enjoys going to the gym and pampers herself by going to a spa afterward.

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