Liz Vaysman

Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know About Ms. JD Board Member Liz Vaysman

1.  My family immigrated to the US from the Soviet Union when I was two years old.  On the way to the US, we lived in Italy for 3 months because we were robbed by gypsies, forcing us to stay for a few months while my Dad painted houses to raise money.  Sometimes I imagine what my life would have been like if I grew up in Italy!

2.  We ended up settling in Reading, PA where I spent most of my life.  It is home of the Reading Railroad that is on the Monopoly board, even though the railroad doesn’t run anymore.

3.  I’m the proud aunt of a handsome shibu inu, King Henry VIII.  Here we are below:

4.  My first job was a drive thru worker at Arby’s Roast Beef when I was 14.  I still to this day have not had a roast beef sandwich.  At 16, I upgraded to a waitress at Friendly's.

5.  I want to work in London for a year after graduating from law school.  I'm not sure why but I love the city and it seems like it feels right.

6.  I am a wizard at putting together Ikea furniture.  It’s one language I finally mastered!

7.  I worked for an adoption agency before coming to law school, A Baby Step Adoption.  My experience here reinforced my desire to attend law school.

8.  I'm a movie buff but don't actually know much about movies.  I frequent the IMDB app and watch the same movies over and over again.  If there is a movie I like playing on TV, even with commercials, I watch it.  I think I have seen the Fifth Element over 100 times and I have a habit (some of friends might call it a problem!) of quoting Zoolander.

9.  I studied abroad in Lyon, a city in southeastern France known as the gourmet capital of the world.  The city has a rich culture – filmmaking originated here and Roman ruins still stand.  I would pick it over Paris any day!  I mastered the art of eating a baguette while walking home and looking completely normal.

10.  To calm my nerves I like to doodle.  Since almost all of my notebooks were covered throughout college, I decided in law school I needed a book so that people wouldn't know about my strange/childish hobby.

11.  I love to travel and still maintain a coin collection with money from all over the world that I started as a child and now use for random home projects - check out my latest, a necklace with a metro coin from my hometown of Kiev, Ukraine.

12.  My parents let my sister and I name our first pet cat and we chose "Stacy."  Let's just say they chose the name of our next pet.

13.  I'm a huge sap - I have to change the channel for any animal, greeting card, or charity commercial because I usually tear up.  I once cried hysterically on a bus while reading Harry Potter.  I think it was the one where Sirius Black was killed so tearing up was very justified, just maybe not in public.

14.  I love to cook and especially bake when I have some time outside of the life of a law student.  My latest obsession is a trifle dish – I made this Caramel Pear Cheesecake Trifle for Thanksgiving.

15.  I think that my greatest skill is to T.C.O.B. a/k/a "take care of business."  Unfortunately this isn’t an appropriate resume skill!

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