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Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know About Ms. JD’s New ED - Heather Byrd Asher

1.  I was born in Atlanta, GA, but moved around a few times (Rochester, Chicago and the Virginia suburbs) before moving back to Atlanta when I was 11.

2.  I met my husband in Ghana during a study abroad program in my junior year of college.  He was visiting family there and we met through a mutual friend that he bumped into on the street.  We found out that we lived only 20 minutes from each other in the U.S. and…now we’re celebrating our five year wedding anniversary.

3.  I have a 20 month old son who has unfortunately learned to say “no” – his new favorite word. I asked him the other day if I was his mother and of course he said “no!”

4.  While I was in Ghana, I thought it would be fun to visit a swamp with dozens of alligators.  I wasn’t scared because for some reason I thought alligators weren’t able to travel well on land.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to find out I was wrong the hard way and took pictures unharmed.

5.  I read Twilight.  I’m an adult.  I’m not ashamed.

6.  I love contradictions, it makes life interesting.  I’m a very picky eater but also a wannabe foodie.  I eat about the same foods as a toddler – chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hot dogs, etc.  But I love going to new foodie restaurants.  So I basically spend an extensive amount of time reviewing the menu (online and at the restaurant), ask the waiter a bunch of annoying questions and then end up eating just the fries (but gourmet fries).

7.  During my first 1L semester at Harvard, Elizabeth Warren’s Contracts class was my first class of the day.  She was a great teacher but terrified me.  I couldn’t stomach breakfast before her class, so I managed to drop 10 pounds my first semester.

8.  I interned on Capitol Hill during college and was tasked with giving Capitol tours.  I guess I didn’t pay enough attention in orientation because I got lost often.  During one of my detours, I accidentally walked into Nancy Pelosi’s bathroom, which was (at least then) equipped with a huge podium in front of the mirror.

9.  I’ve lived two different lives – before I started drinking coffee and after.  The latter has been much more enjoyable.

10.  My maiden name is Byrd.  I was the tallest kid at my elementary school.  Naturally, I was called “Big Bird.”  Luckily my growth spurt stopped around age 10.

11.  I love reading.  I have a Kindle but still periodically buy paper books.  I have so many good memories associated with cracking open the cover of a new book!

12.  I’m a recovering HGTV addict.

13.  I’m not athletic or very coordinated.  When I was young I tried tennis, soccer, cheerleading, ice skating and dance and never lasted more than a season.  In soccer, the only goal I made was for the opposing team.  In tennis, I never learned to serve so I lost every match.  Cheerleading required participation in early morning football games that interfered with my cartoon schedule.  My uncooperative dance teacher wouldn’t let me wear the tutu I wanted.  And falling on ice hurts! This may be why I grew to love reading.

14.  I think having a last name that started with a B (my maiden name) helped me in school.  You prepare more when you know that you will almost always be one of the first ones called on in class.

15.  I love Ms. JD!


Courtney Gabbara

Love this! Made me smile !

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