First Generation Success Story: 3L Year - Where I am, where I am going.

    I am currently in my final year of law school, my 3L year. This year is my last year of law school… actually, my last year of school ever. Notoriously, this year is referred to as the “bored to death” year.  I would really like to know who told 1L and 2L me that your last year of law school is best year ever because you’ll be bored more than anything. Because I am requesting my refund now! My 3L year is BEYOND busier than second year and MORE stressful than my first year! I signed up for a bit more than I can chew but even without the extra time commitments, studying for and taking the MPRE, preparing my bar application, and studying for the bar! 3L year is overwhelming and I am so ready to have a diploma in my hand.

     Busy does not even begin to describe my 3L year. For my last year of law school, I have taken on more than I ever have before in my life. There are some days that I am at the law school for over 12 hours and doing things/classes/meetings the entire time. On top of a full load of challenging upperclassmen classes, I work for LexisNexis as a student representative, serve as the head student rep for Themis bar prep company, am the Commissioner of the Mock Trial program, worked part-time as a law clerk, wrote for numerous law blogs, am the Business Director of the Journal of Law and Society and participated in numerous clubs and activities. All that while also making time for my friends and family and maintaining my house. Oh yeah… and I got engaged at the end of September so I am day dreaming about my wedding in 2020 (sometimes instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing!!) However, I have been feeling a bit burnt out.

    It is safe to say I am looking forward to the holidays and having a break from law school. I cannot wait to just have a moment to catch my breath. Even though I am feeling a bit worn out, I know what my end goal is and I have my eyes on the prize. This is my last year and it is not a time to be slacking off or falling into a slump. I am looking forward to what the last bit of the semester has left for me and what new challenges the last of my law school experience has left for me! But really, I am actually excited for what is to come with the coming months and how I will be that much closer to becoming a lawyer. I cannot believe that I am already over halfway through my last year of law school and that it will all be over before I know it!!

    So that is where I am at in law school, the “bored to death” year of law school. I am really excited and anxious for the bar exam and the next steps in my journey. As I reflect back in my adventures in law school, I realize how much I have learned and grown as a person and as an advocate. I am gearing up to finish my last semester of law school. Tune in next month for my final edition to the “first generation success story” series!

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