Four Totally-Doable Steps to Make Your Day Less Overwhelming and More Productive

Do you feel overwhelmed during the day?

Like you’re plowing through all your to-dos but because you’re juggling so much you just can’t get it all done? Maybe you even beat yourself up a little about the things that don’t get done during the day. Fixing the “never enough time” issue can take a little work, and it can be tough to know where to start. But with the right help, it can be very doable. 

Here are four things you can do right now to start turning your days around.

  1. Give yourself five minutes of planning time. It’s so, so easy to just jump into your day, dive into your do to list, and run around all day putting out fires. Plus, when you’re busy, taking the time to plan seems like a luxury you don’t have time for. But a few minutes of planning can save you time, help you get the most important stuff done, and leave you feeling less stressed and much happier with what you accomplish during the day.
  2. Pick your #1. So, how do you plan exactly? To get started, go through your to-do list, upcoming projects, and due dates and pick the one (yes, one!) most important thing that you need to get done for the day. Then, pick 2 or 3 next most important things you need to get done during the day. Those things are your focus for the day, in that order. You should then pick one thing you will do that day to take good care of yourself. It can even be the same thing every day, e.g., get a good night’s sleep, drink enough water, eat a certain amount of veggies, take a break to go for your walk.
  3. Map out your best time to get things done. Now set yourself up for success – you probably have certain times during the day when it’s harder to get things done, perhaps you feel more tired in the afternoon, or you tend to be more distracted by others mid-morning.Think about the best time to tackle your top priorities for the day.
  4. Have a later list to keep you focused. Now that you have a good setup, you just have to keep distractions from derailing your day. One way to do that is to have a notepad near you where you write down things that you can address later. In other words, when you’re focusing on your most important tasks of the day, you may think of other things you have to do, or be distracted other people who need things from you. If those things are not the most important, they shouldn’t shift your focus. Just write them down on your later list and turn back to what you were doing. When you’re done, you can address them or come up with a plan for how they will get done.

Here’s to your much more productive tomorrow and how great you’ll feel when you accomplish the most important things on your plate!

If you’d like to identify the issues that are holding you back from feeling focused and balanced, those things that are keep you feeling like there’s never enough time, grab this one-page Overwhelmed to Accomplished Assessment so you know exactly how to make things better.

Here’s to a less overwhelming day tomorrow!

P.S. – These four steps can help you feel less overwhelmed and more productive, but you can also grab this one-page Overwhelmed to Accomplished Assessment to figure out where else your day needs some work.

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