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Frank Kimball: Ms. JD’s Champion

The entire Ms. JD team is deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend, Frank Kimball, and our hearts go out to his family and friends. 

As young women in the law we've heard countless times about the importance of having a champion -- somebody who is more than a mentor, somebody who is invested in your success.  Frank was Ms. JD's champion.  He mentored her, helped her, guided her and looked out for her.  However, more than that he invested some of his personal success in her success.  He really cared about her and went above and beyond in giving of himself for her benefit. 

Of course, I'm using Ms. JD figuratively and as a synonym for young women in the profession and in law school.  I know that I personally benefitted from his championing, as somebody affiliated with the organization. And for that, I am very grateful.... as is "Ms. JD".  Thank you Frank. 

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