FREE Virtual Bar Exam Summit - June 5-7, 2020

Bar exam prep sucks. There’s nothing else to say about it. It just sucks.

And now, given the pandemic, there are the added questions of when various state bar exams will happen, how bar exam prep timing will change, and oh yes, whether licensure delays will impact your job prospects. Awesome sauce.

Well, I have some good news. A former Ms. JD Writer in Residence is on a mission to make bar prep more bearable and effective, especially in what is sure to go down in history as the strangest year ever to take a bar exam.

Her name? Kerriann Stout. Her company? Vinco Prep.

Her plan of attack for 2020 bar exam takers? A *free* (you read that right, FREE) 3-day virtual summit that brings together leaders in the bar prep, wellness, and mental health communities to provide you with tons of workshops and resources to help you pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence.

When? June 5-7.

What to expect? Everything from what the hell is going on with the bar exam in different states to managing your time and well-being while studying during COVID-19.

Get all the details and updates here:

What is Vinco?

It’s a bar exam coaching company that provides one-on-one coaching for students to help them pass the bar with less stress and more confidence.

The company came about as a happy accident of sorts, roughly 5 years ago. Kerriann had been teaching academic support classes at her alma mater, Pace University School of Law, including bar prep courses.

Students started asking her for additional help with the bar exam, especially those who had failed and needed a game plan for round two.

Kerriann woke up one morning and realized that she really liked the one-on-one bar prep coaching part of her role. She wanted to do more of that, help students get more confident and figure out the best way for them to successfully tackle bar prep without losing their minds. And so, Vinco was born.

How does Vinco work?

Vinco enhances the bar prep experience through individualized coaching. Vinco students get paired with coaches who empower them to learn the law more effectively through test-taking strategies, mindset cultivation, accountability (including study schedules), and community.

Note – Vinco is not a full bar exam prep course. Think of it as a crucial supplement that helps take the isolation and overwhelm out of bar prep. (Which, by the way, I WISH existed back when I took the bar exam back in 2011).


All of you 3Ls out there thinking WTF am I going to about the bar exam – check out Vinco’s FREE full-day virtual bar exam summit from June 5 - June 7. You’ll learn invaluable test, time, and stress management strategies plus wellness tips that will help make the bar exam suck that much less.

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