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Ms. JD is excited to be receiving such a strong interest in the Executive Director position. Candidates have been asking great questions and, in an effort to ensure everyone receives the benefit of the answers, we want to share some of the frequently asked questions with you.

Additional information and the application materials are available here:


What is Ms. JD’s structure?

Ms. JD is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. In addition to their Board responsibilities, many Board Members learn key leadership skills by leading a particular Ms. JD Program or Chairing a Ms. JD Board Committee. Ms. JD’s current support consists of three incredible independent contractors: an Editor for our website; a Programs Manager for our various programs and events; and a Social Media Manager for our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages. As the Executive Director, you will manage these individuals and serve as a liaison between the Board and the contractors.

In addition to these important members, Ms. JD also has Program Councils that are managed by dedicated volunteer Program Directors. The Program Councils are our volunteer networks for certain programs, including the Global Education Fund, our Writers in Residence Program, and the Annual Conference. Former Board members also participate in specific projects alongside the organization. Although we all work remotely, we work as a team and our Executive Director takes a leading role in developing and running the team.

Do I have to move to California to be Ms. JD’s Executive Director?

One of Ms. JD’s greatest strengths, and what makes us unique, is that we are an online community. Therefore, you can live anywhere in the U.S. and be Ms. JD’s Executive Director. You will be working remotely and will communicate with the Board, volunteers, and Ms. JD’s independent contractors regularly by phone and email. No relocation is required.

How much travel will I have to do as the Executive Director?

Along with Ms. JD’s Board of Directors, the Executive Director will serve as the face of Ms. JD. Thus, you will meet with current and potential sponsors, discuss partnerships with organizations, meet with student groups, and attend relevant events across the U.S. Ms. JD depends on these connections and contacts to achieve its mission.

Do Ms. JD representatives ever meet in person?

Ms. JD’s Board of Directors meet twice a year: once in the fall for Ms. JD’s Annual Board Retreat and planning meeting and again during Ms. JD’s Annual Conference. You will serve a key role at both events and should expect to travel to both events.


What type of writing sample should I submit?

The Executive Director will be writing grants, emails to sponsors and partners, and event descriptions, and drafting language about Ms. JD’s programming, among other written tasks. Submitting a non-legal writing sample that gives the Board a sense of your ability to do these things effectively will be best. We look forward to reading your submission!

What is the expected start date?

Your start date is negotiable. Ms. JD’s preference is that you start in May-June to give you time to ramp up before Ms. JD’s Labor Day Board Retreat and planning meeting. You will be intimately involved in planning and will attend the retreat in order to ensure that your vision is a big part of the Board’s work that weekend.

What type of person is Ms. JD looking for as Executive Director?

Ms. JD is looking for someone who is motivated and has the skill set to take the organization to the next level. As Executive Director, you will work with the Board to develop targeted milestones in fundraising, programming, membership, website visits, social media, etc. and to receive the support you need reach that goal. You will then work with the Board to execute a plan to reach those targets. The ideal candidate should have a strategic vision based on an intimate understanding of what Ms. JD has done in the past and an idea of where we strive to go in the future.

One of Ms. JD’s unique attributes is that we support each other’s professional growth. We are looking for someone who is committed to mentoring and guiding our incredible independent contractors and values being a part of our community’s professional growth. Finally, good organizational habits and effective communication skills are essential. Because you will be working remotely, knowledge of different technological tools and an ability to organize the team’s work are key to the organization’s success.

What tools will the Executive Director be expected to use?

You will be using Dropbox, Google Drive, and Ms. JD’s website regularly. Therefore, experience with all of these tools is recommended. In addition, you will use TeamworkPM, which is Ms. JD’s Project Management software.

Will Ms. JD sponsor work permits?
Ms. JD encourages applications from individuals of all nationalities; however, we are unable to sponsor work permits.

What if I still have questions?

If you have any further questions after the Conference Call, please do not hesitate to contact Carla Laroche, Ms. JD Board Member, at with “Executive Director Question” in the subject line.

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