Gender Differences at the Deposition

I participated in my first deposition last week. (At least) two totally harmless differences between the men and the women in the room were apparent.

Unimportant gender difference number one: men have a different bathroom. The practical implication in a deposition where the propounding attorney is a woman and the deponent and opposing counsel are both men? Whenever things are getting interesting the male counsel defending the deposition can ask for a bathroom break, visit the restroom with his client, and spend 15 minutes in there coaching him on how to answer.

Unimportant gender difference number two: men always announce they need to go to the bathroom. On the record. This was pointed out by the court reporter. When women need a break they go off the record and take a break. When men need a break they declare it under oath.

There are gender differences that matter and these aren't them. But they're differences nonetheless.

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