Georgia Association of Women Lawyers Report on Flexible Work Schedules Released in March 2008

GAWL released its Report "Its About Time II: Examining Flexible Work Arrangements from the Attorney's and the Firm's Perspective; A Study of Part Time Policies in Georgia Law Firms" in March 2008. The study is very interesting and well done. Here are some of the most interesting findings, that frankly reinforce the idea that such policies could be great recruiting tools for firms everywhere:

  • Greater than 93% of male and female respondents look favorably on employers that allow part-time or flexible work arrangements, even if they themselves do not plan to take advantage of such arrangements
  • 86% of women attorneys are interested in using a part-time or flexible work arrangement in the near future
  • Many women who left their firms cited difficulties in balancing the demands of work and personal/family life
  • Here are some of the more discouraging statistics which really aren't that surprising to me:

    • Men and women alike believe working part-time or on flexible schedules is career limiting
    • 30% of part-time attorneys report working more than the normative 40-hour full-time work week
    • 90% of firms have never had an attorney achieve partner status while on a part-time work scheduleMore than half of the firms surveyed have never employed a part-time attorney

Check out the whole report for great information.

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