Getting the Most Out of Your First Few Years as an Attorney

The first few years of being an attorney come with so many questions, challenges, and excitement all in one. As a new personal injury lawyer myself, it's been a whirlwind. This is the time to learn as much as you can and take the world by storm. A few helpful tips to get the most out of your first few years after law school can serve you well: 

Be Prepared to Jump Right In. The world of law is a fast-paced place. Especially for my fellow females in law, learn to be aggressive! You will have a unique perspective on cases - so take a deep breath and give your feedback. Be confident in your strengths. These first few years are where you will learn so much. You'll be given tasks you aren't sure how to complete but you'll learn along the way. Certainly, at some point, you will feel uncomfortable or unsure - but embrace this and ask questions.

Learn What Work / Life Balance Means to You. You will soon learn that working in a law firm comes with long, dedicated hours. Be sure to schedule time to relax outside of the office. A common mistake new attorneys often make is working too hard (yes, that's a thing). Remember, it's a marathon - not a race. Don't get too burnt out too quickly. Be sure to take care of yourself, especially in these first few months on a new job. 

Show Enthusiasm. A new career in law should be exciting! You will learn from some of the best attorneys at your disposal. Take in the early days of learning to become a successful professional in law. Get to know your coworkers and show them that you are excited to be working with them and that you want to learn from them. 

Your first few years working in law are going to be a lot of hard work - that shouldn't come as a surprise. Go into your new career with confidence and you'll be a successful attorney in no time! 

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