Gloria Steinem speaks at White & Case

Say the name “Gloria Steinem” and you are sure to conjure up some strong opinions about the woman, not to mention the issues she stands for. As a guest speaker tonight at the White & Case LLP Diversity Speaker Series, she was surprisingly relatable and humble, yet as eloquent and passionate as I expected her to be. I walked away with sound advice and some things to mull over. I hope the following three “quotes” that I heard from Gloria Steinem tonight will give you some things to think about (and discuss).

1. The group in power is not the norm; they steal the adjective and the noun.

2. When you can’t do anything right, you know you are part of the wrong group.

3. The biggest obstacle for women in the work force today (statistically) is the two job/double role expectation.

As for number 3, Steinem pointed out that both men and women have to fight for more flexible work arrangements, family friendly work hours, and lifestyle careers. I tend to agree with her. Long work hours are not a woman’s issue, but as Steinem has so often pointed out, it is rare to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine a career with marriage and children.

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