Good Manners Mean Good Business

There was a television commercial for a personal injury firm where one of the actors gave the following testimonial: “They weren’t just lawyers. They were human beings.” All lawyer jokes aside, let’s safely presume that lawyers and human beings are not two distinct species. What the ad really highlights is the issue of “bedside manners.” So how well-mannered are you with your clients? Are you human—or humane? What would your best or worst client have to say about that? As the oft-used expression goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That applies to your staff as well as your clients. How often do you acknowledge those with whom you work? For instance, do you give feedback regularly? Do you care how the message is delivered—or received? Authentic communication—that which is open, direct and honest—builds trust and understanding. What kind of foundation are you building from?

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