Great Alternative Legal Career Options

Going to law school is an educational dream for many people. While many of the people that complete law school will end up working for a larger legal firm when they graduate, some may choose to pursue a different career path. For those that are looking to use their legal degree without working for a larger legal firm, there are several different great career paths to consider pursuing.

Corporate Compliance Specialist

One common business area for someone with a legal background to go into is compliance law. There are far more regulations set forth on business than ever before. Business that are not able to fully understand or comply with these regulations could end up being penalized significantly. Because of this, many larger organizations will look to hire talented legal experts to manage the compliance process for a company. Lawyer are often a great option to fill these roles due to their ability to read and interpret the complicated regulations that are set forth.

Real Estate

Another great career path for someone that has a law degree is to go into real estate. Real estate agents, investors, and commercial property managers will spend a considerable amount of time reviewing and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, leases, and other legal documents. Those that have a degree in the law industry will have a strong edge on the competition in the real estate field due to their knowledge of real estate contracts and the ability to negotiate.


One of the biggest challenges that a law firm can have today is finding top talent to help grow and manage the firm. To help ensure that they are able to find and recruit talented lawyers, many firms will end up hiring legal recruiting firms to help hire and recruit new lawyers. Those that have a law degree are often ideal candidates to go into legal recruiting as they will have the ability to interact with law students and better be able to identify lawyers that are a good fit for the firm.

Start Small Legal Practice

While there are those  with a law degree may be drawn to a large firm, others may want to start their own small legal practice. Those that are able to market their business, provide great service, and build good relationships could do a great job of starting and growing a small legal practice. These individuals can provide a variety of different legal services and can be a car accident lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or family law office.

Start Other Small Business

Others that practice law could also start their own small business in another field. Individuals who have a good business acumen, knowledge about a niche business area, and are motivated to be their own bosses may consider becoming a small business owner. There are a wide variety of business types that someone could start that could be great for someone with a legal background.

Furthermore, there are a lot of different legal steps that need to be taken, such as forming your business entity and applying for all necessary licenses, which will be much easier for someone with a legal degree to complete.

Nonprofit Jobs

For those that are looking to use their legal background to give back to the community, working for a nonprofit organization would be a great option. Nonprofit organizations typically are charitable organizations or public entities that provide a valued service to the community. They will need to hire lawyers to help ensure that they are being properly represented and have someone to oversee the legal aspect of the business.

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