Great mobile apps for legal superstars

Working in law is a challenging and often difficult experience, that can be made easier with the use of some awesome mobile tools. There are a lot of apps that can help you do simple things, which make your life much easier. Here are five of my favourites!

Evernote Scannable

A lawyer can rarely walk two steps without encountering another important document to file. Evernote Scannable is an amazing tool which allows you to point your camera at a document (anything with writing), capturing the image and automatically cropping and editing it. Amazingly, it is even capable of removing creases from folded documents.

This allows you to quickly scan files with simply your phone, and then quickly upload them to your cloud storage or send them to others. You will be blown away by just how well these scans come out, despite so little work.

MyScript Calculator

Another difficult part of working in law is dealing with numbers and calculations. Who has the space to carry around a clunky scientific calculator though? MyScript Calculator is a fantastic mobile calculator app, that allows you to write out equations with your touch screen. MyScript then translates your handwriting into numbers, which it uses to make calculations. This is perfect for those of you who prefer to write and visualise calculations, rather than merely typing numbers and figures.

Keeping on top of your plethora of tasks can be difficult, which is why is such a lifesaver. This is perhaps the most powerful task management application, allowing you to set out the tasks you need to complete in an easily organisable manner.

One of the best features about is its geolocational reminders. For example, you can set it so that when you are at a certain person’s office, it reminds you to ask them for a particular document. You never have an excuse to miss a meeting or forget to do something again!


With the world of law changing so rapidly, it's vital that you stay on top of all the latest industry related news. Feedly is a great way to do just this! It allows you to streamline a feed of relevant and popular content, sourced from across the internet. You can organise content into different streams and tags, to help you process all of this information more systematically.


The dictaphone, once a pillar of legal practice, is truly a thing of the past. Today, there are many mobile applications which take the place of your personal voice recording device. Dictate+Connect is one of the best such options, due to its high quality design and easy of use. You can record and edit dictations simply, while also playing back and marking important points. Built into the app are secure encryption features as well as ways to transfer your dictations easily to the Cloud, or other devices.

One great tip is to buy a second phone to use purely for useful applications such as those listed in this article. That way, your primary phone is spare for phone calls, email and communication related activities. Think about buying a second-hand iPhone for cheap! Some may be locked, but that is easy to deal with. For example, read some of the guides on Why The Lucky Stiff.

With these awesome mobile apps, your life as a legal superstar will be much less strenuous than it was previously. You can achieve bigger and better things!


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