Happy New Year Ms. JDs!  We’re celebrating 2012 and Looking Ahead to 2013. (Post 1 of 2!)

To Our Ms. JD Community:

Happy New Year!  Over the next two posts, we'll be celebrating some of our favorite moments of 2012 and looking forward to 2013.  Most importantly, we want your help in determining what we're going to deliver for you this year! 

We thought we'd start by looking back over some of our best moments of 2012:

1. In January, Ms. JD hosted our first ever Ms. JD regional event, bringing together women from law schools around the Bay Area to watch the hit documentary Miss Representation.  We had so much fun that we repeated the event in DC and then LA! Wait until you see what 2013 has in store for regional events!  More on that in the next post.

2. In March, Ms. JD turned six. We celebrated her sixth birthday with a leadership transition. Ms. JD's Founder and President of six years, Elizabeth Pederson, and Ms. JD's founding CFO, Karen Hernandez became Board Emeritae and Ms. JD announced our second President, Katie Larkin-Wong. This year we also welcomed new board members: Jamie Bence, Tanya Falleiro, Sheila Forjuoh, Kim Watson, and Liz Vaysman. Each of these women distinguished themselves in volunteer positions for Ms. JD before joining our Board of Directors. They were welcomed, of course, by board members Courtney Gabbara, Connie Lam, Keisha Stanford, Jessie Kornberg, and Janet Wallace.

3. In August, Ms. JD hosted our largest fundraiser for the Global Education Fund to date, raising over $13,000 for our support of our six Global Scholars who attend Markere University in Uganda.

4. In October, we hosted our Fifth Annual Conference on Women and The Law at Washington College of Law at American University in DC.  Ms. JD: She Leads was an incredible success. We were inspired by top women and one another. We cannot wait to recreate that feeling at our next conference!

5. All year, along with you, we've produced and read great content on the blog. In particular, we have to tip our hats to our Writers-In-Residence of 2012. They provided us with rules for success, new perspectives, and offered insights into our profession.  If you haven't been enjoying their posts all year, we recommend you start now!

And the funny thing is, that's just the tip of the iceberg.  We're celebrating deepened partnerships with new organizations!  We've built new places for you to interact with one another and us on Twitter and Facebook.  And we've got so many other things that we've been working on in the background that you'll get to see in 2013!  We can't wait to tell you about some of them in our post about what to expect from us next year. 

Do you have a favorite moment or post or event from this last year?  Share it with us in the comments!

Happy New Year Ms. JDs,

The Ms. JD Board of Directors

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