He Touched My Life and then He Vanished-The Best Advice I Ever Received…

“Know the issue to the core of its scintilla”, was advice given to me by, what I believe to be a homeless man, who made his way into my law school via the lower level entrance.   My law school campus is an urban campus, and if you wanted to avoid the scrutiny of the main entrance, which is upstairs, you entered through the unmanned lower level. I was sitting alone at a table doing what I do best “contemplating life” and he sat down.

 If he told me his name, I don’t remember it.  All I remember is a rather large red round face with popping blue eyes, and the “popsmack” noise he made while licking the icing from the glazed donut off of his fingertips. I could tell life wasn’t being very kind to him at that particular juncture, and I realized that he found his way to me, because my table was the only table that had empty seats.

He went on to explain, with great enthusiasm, that “all of the great attorneys that he had known” had achieved greatness by scrutinizing every aspect of every issue, no matter how minute that issue was. I smiled shook my head yes, and conveyed a polite “thank you.” I then turned around to greet one my friends, and when I turned back he was no longer in the room. He had vanished, but my life had been touched.

After that encounter, in all that I do, be it legal work, teaching, writing or speaking, I zero in on the minutest aspect of the issue and build from there.  And that my friends have made all the difference in the world.

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