Healing Moments on Juneteenth (and Beyond)

Today is Juneteenth and it is wonderful (but overdue) to see how quickly companies and states have embraced this moment in time to recognize it as a day of observation and declaring it a holiday. This week New York, Virginia, Oregon and Philadelphia announced they will also make Juneteenth an official holiday. Yesterday it was put forth as a bill in Congress to make it a federal holiday. Hopefully next time this year we will all be observing it officially and coming together to commemorate this critical historic milestone in our nation’s history. 

Juneteenth is the oldest commemoration of the end of slavery, but it is not a recognized holiday and not taught in history classes throughout much of the country. Having received my entire education in New York City schools and universities, I can attest to this fact. That is an embarrassment. 

In short, we must make Juneteenth a national holiday. There is nothing more American than the celebration of freedom.  It is no less important than Independence Day. Add it to the Common Core curriculum, or whatever program teachers must abide by, to stop white-washing American (and global) history. Here is a short history lesson to get started. We are not worthy of calling ourselves a United States until both of these things happen. Until then, we must take it upon ourselves to keep learning, teach our children, and make this a meaningful day regardless.

To continue the #amplifymelanatedvoices movement, below are a few voices lifted from the yogi and wellness community, offering us moments of mindfulness to guide our journey throughout this important day and the days ahead. While this is not a time for silence, today is a perfect day for moments of pause, reflection and healing. 

Thank you to these amazingly talented practitioners for sharing their gifts with the rest of us, and for the Greater Good.

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