The House Votes to Pass Two Measures on Job Bias

The House voted on January 9th to pass legislation that would counter sex discrimination by employers.  This action indicates an initial intent by Congress to make a sharp shift away from the civil rights policies of the Bush Administration, according to the New York Times.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that "[i]n the first week of the new Congress, this is the legislation we are putting forward: pay equity, fairness to women in the workplace.  These are our priorities.  This Congress has heard the message of change in the election."

This legislation is especially relevant considering that it would overturn the 2007 Ledbetter case, where the Supreme Court enforced a strict 180-day deadline for workers to file lawsuits claiming job discrimination.

Representative Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut, stated that the new legislation additionally "closes numerous loopholes that have enabled employers to evade liability.  It stiffens penalties for employers who discriminate based on gender.  And it protects employees from retaliation for sharing salary information."

For more information on both new bills, as well as the debate surrounding them, click here.

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