How Do 0Ls Feel About Interdisciplinary Vs. Specialty Focused Curriculum?

Kaplan Test preparation group performed a survey recently and found a significant and growing gap between what law school seems prepared to offer their students and what the actual law students seek from their studies. That is not even taking into account that fact that affordable is hardly something you could call much of any of the law schools. Massive student loan debt from law school has become the norm unfortunately.

Kaplan’s study held that the following is true. See, there is a major issue where new law school applicants really go off course and you can get a sense regarding the truth about 0Ls in their self-delusion.

Should I go for the well-rounded path when seeking entrance to law school? Nearly 2/3 of applicants in the pre-law arena to the tune of 63 percent want their education to be interdisciplinary in nature, but 37 percent seek curriculum that is specialty-focused. Over 8/10 schools  to the tune of 82 percent maintain that their law education falls into the category of being interdisciplinary. A meager 18 percent hold the position that their curriculum is more tuned in to specialty-focus such that a person could literally become more practice-ready if they actually had a working knowledge and skill that could be used by a law firm to put them to work right out of law school.

The irony of this is that a pre-law student does not understand the interdisciplinary tends to being non-practice-ready. By nature, if you want to be a generalist, you are not going to be as much of an asset. Sure, you need to be able to cross-train and learn other fields, but if you want a job where you can hit the ground running, then you need to be running first, and that requires and in-depth working knowledge of some specialty field of law.

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