How Do 0Ls Want Their Law Study Environment, Casual or Formal?

Kaplan Test preparation group performed a survey recently and found a significant and growing gap between what law school seems prepared to offer their students and what the actual law students seek from their studies. That is not even taking into account that fact that affordable is hardly something you could call much of any of the law schools. Massive student loan debt from law school has become the norm unfortunately.

Kaplan’s study held that the following is true. See, there is a major issue where new law school applicants really go off course and you can get a sense regarding the truth about 0Ls in their self-delusion.

And finally, maybe we can chalk the following issue regarding 0Ls up to brown-nosing tendencies even in spite of the fact that they may not just be in the mood for being competitive after all:

The question of whether pre-law students want law school to be casual? A little more than half of respondents to the tune of 55 percent want their law study to take place in a casual educational environment, with about 45 percent seeking a formal environment for their law studies. This is another big gaping discrepancy between what an actual pre-law student’s desires do not actual jive with what the law school holds as their own realities. Nearly 9/10 to the tune of 89 percent of schools feel that their law school environment is one of being casual, and just 11 percent perceive their legal education to be happening in a formal environment.

So if you are wondering whether you should bring a bow tie, do not. In fact, if you want my honest opinion, which you probably do not, but I will give it to you anyway, you can burn your bow tie if you own one. It is not a good piece of attire even if you are in a formal environment. It makes you look like a dorky attorney or a dorky law student. There, I got that off my chest.

And one more thing about formality: It is true that if you are in front of a judge, litigating a case, you need to be formal, you need to learn procedures, learn your place, learn all of that. But there are other cases where if you were handling mere formalities such as if you were handling a settlement case for malignant mesothelioma, then you would not need to be wearing anything special.

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