How Do You Set Realistic Timelines in Law School and Legal Practice?

Interested in learning about the transition from deadlines in law school to deadlines as a lawyer?

Have you wondered how BigLaw firm associates manage their time and participate in other organizations?

Interested in learning how Ms. JD board members plan Ms. JD Events while working a full-time job or being a law student?

Then listen to this podcast at Happy Go Legal!

In this Happy Go Legal Podcast, Chelsea interviews Kim Watson, a Ms. JD Board Member and a first year associate at an international BigLaw firm, to have a conversation about how a recent success in putting on a major event on behalf of Ms. JD has translated into strategies and lessons for future career and personal development.


Happy Go Legal is a resource for law students and new lawyers who are motivated to carve a path for a successful and sustainable legal career.  It helps fill the gap between law school education and the expectations of finding a job and becoming a legal professional.  Founder Chelsea Callanan is passionate about supporting new lawyers in this transition and beyond.  She creates resources she wishes she had had in her first years as a lawyer: a vibrant blog, weekly podcast, one-on-one coaching, group teleclasses, webinars, and seminars.  Check out www.happygolegal.com for more information.


tanya f

So helpful.  Thanks for taking the time to do this

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