Response: How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit [. . . ]

Prompt: How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs? 

From someone who relied heavily on identifying women attorney mentors who balanced law school, post-bar life, a career, and most importantly, being an attentive parent, all individuals, whether a pre-law student, law student, and/or lawyer benefit from writing for law blogs.  Blog writing provides an opportunity for the interested and motivated writer to share their experiences with a broad audience. Folks who stumble upon law blogs, such as myself, benefit from learning about the experiences others have had, and may seek additional input and advice. It is an opportunity to share our voice sand experiences, while providing a safe, fun, and honest outlook about their life experiences. 

When I first thought about pursuing law school, I questioned whether it would be possible as a single parent. I found several law blogs, written by single parents, who went through law school, passed the bar exam, and are now successful attorneys in their respective careers, while maintaining the delicate balance between being a mom while in law.  It is imperative to continue having writers who provide insight through experience, yet most of all, serve as inspirational persons who inspire others.

True blog writers require a specific skill. It takes dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to take the time to write about their experiences. Pre-law, law students, recent graduates, and experienced legal professionals have their own stories to share. These stories inform, provide insight, and at times, provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration. The most successful blog writers are the ones who inspire with their writing; through sharing their one-of-a-kind story, and being honest and upfront about their lived experiences, it enables readers to follow through and relate to their own lives. Blog writers may also put time into answering inquiries from their readers.  There are often other individuals out there who face similar circumstances. Perhaps NOT the same circumstance as the reader, yet similar enough where the reader would feel a connection. This is why it is important for all individuals; from pre-law students to law practitioners, to write and share their stories. 

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