How to Become a Good Personal Injury Lawyer in the UK

There are several legal career paths individuals with an education in the law may pursue, including the personal injury field. Many lawyers in the UK follow this path because of their commitment to helping individuals and their families recover from a devastating life circumstance where the fault was not their own. While these intentions are helpful, being a good personal injury lawyer in the UK requires a certain degree of tenacity and ancillary traits other legal professions may not involve. Here’s what it takes to become a good personal injury lawyer in the UK, according to the experts.

Staying Emotionally Involved

Working in the throes of personal injury law requires a degree of emotional intelligence that not every lawyer possesses. Seeing the individuals who have experienced a serious injury and working hand in hand with them and their loved ones can and should not be taken lightly. The best personal injury lawyers are those who do not become hardened to the work, but instead get up every morning to continue the mission of helping claimants get back to the life they knew before the injury took place. It is difficult work and can cause an emotional shutdown for those who aren’t prepared to connect on a deep level with their clients. It is equally important to remain objective throughout the process so that emotions do not blur the lines between lawyer and claimant.

Being Flexible on the Job

A representative from a leading team of clinical negligence solicitors recently shared that good personal injury lawyers have to be incredibly agile. The scope of the work varies greatly from day to day, and while some claimants may have minor injuries, others may have experienced massive loss due to someone else’s negligence. Because the spectrum of cases is so vast, good personal injury lawyers are those who are able to handle the changing faces of claimants without skipping a beat.

Understanding Upcoming Changes

The recent news of an adjustment to the discount rate used to calculate how much insurers need to pay upfront to successful personal injury claimants has many lawyers engaged in discussion. Many believe the adjustment is a positive thing, as it offers seriously injured claimants the ability to receive a more accurate estimate of compensation they need for the remainder of their life. Good personal injury lawyers recognise that these changes will have an impact on the field as a whole in the immediate and long-term.

Recognising the Purpose of Legal Action

Personal injury lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the law, without allowing personal beliefs and outside criticism impact their work. For example, some believe that suing the NHS is a negative because of the reverence the institution has within the country. But when individuals are badly injured, there is little other recourse than to seek out compensation and justice for what has been done. Standing firm in the reason why legal actions like personal injury lawsuits exist, even against largely untouchable organisations, makes lawyers the best at their job in fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

The personal injury landscape is in a constant state of flux, and while it often receives a negative light from the media and other critics, the work done by good personal injury lawyers is a necessary component of the UK legal system.

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