How to Build a Brand Tip #3: The Difference Between a Vision and a Mission

Often thought of as a singular proposition, a vision and a mission are quite distinct. A vision statement usually expresses an organization’s values or goals in an idealistic way. On the other hand, a mission statement (akin to the  “About Us” section of a website) directly states a purpose of the organization that sets the tone and environment for employees and demonstrates for other stakeholders the scope of your desired activities. Despite their differences, both share a common purpose of setting direction and creating goal orientation. In establishing a mission or vision statement for your brand, avoid jargon such as “client-centered” and think beyond superlatives like “best,” “most,” "premier" and “leading.” Generalities like these fail to impress upon clients how you're distinguishable from your competition. Keep both statements succinct (aim for a paragraph). You may choose to use your mission and vision statements in their entirety in your marketing literature or adopt aspects of them as you see fit.

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