How to Build a Brand Tip #4: Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition, commonly referred to as the USP, encapsulates why someone should choose your product or service over any other. Think of a word or concept that you want to “own” in the mind of your client base. To do this, you must consider the purchasing criteria of your clients and decide where you rank highest in fulfilling those criteria. One way to determine what is significant to your market is to know which keywords your potential clients use on the internet to find people engaged in your business. Is your geographic location important to the decision-making process? What other values (explicit or implicit) can you define about your target market? Maybe they value cutting-edge technology or a specialist in elder care issues. If you’ve been engaged in business for a while now, you already have data related to your target market’s preferences and demographics from which to cull a working USP as well as employees or service providers who can tell you what sets you apart from your competition. Start with what you know and what you have and work from there.


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