How to keep your cool while you wait for bar results

There are approximately 1.3 million licensed lawyers in the United States (1). Take a moment and think about the fact that, except in a diploma state, each one of them studied, sat for, and waited for their bar exam results. While this might give you comfort or increase your anxiety, I hope it will give you peace of mind that you are not the only one having gone through this experience. On a personal note, I went through the process three times and each time I had to be patient, know that I did my best, fill my time with activities I enjoy, and most importantly, believed it was going to be okay no matter how the results turned out.  If you feel at your wits' end while waiting the final few weeks for the results to be posted, I hope the below suggestions make you feel more at ease.

Be patient. Rome was not built in a day and the exam did not magically appear out of the blue. There was a lot of planning, preparing, and working on your part. Feel calm about where you are in the process and try to stay patient for the results will come.

Know that you did your best. At this point in time there is nothing that you can do. You did everything you could to prepare and to perform to propel yourself forward and place yourself in a position to pass. Feel this in your body and believe it because it is true. 

Fill your time with activities that you enjoy. Make it a point to do more of what you like and in doing so, try to put space between you and the feeling of waiting. The more you enjoy yourself with people that you admire and love and the more you do that makes you happy the quicker the time will pass. You can either spend your time sulking with anxiety or you can make the most of it - it is up to you.

Know that whatever the results are you can handle it. Because you can and you will. Hopefully, you will receive positive news after sitting for the exam. If so, soak in all of your hard work and celebrate your new milestone.  If you receive news that you did not pass either or both parts of the exam, acknowledge all of your hard work - you have made it far! - and take time for yourself. You will know what to do when the time comes. 

I hope these few pointers help you feel more at ease while you wait for your results of the bar exam.  Remember, you are the only one who can enjoy the remaining weeks of waiting. How would you like for your experience to be these few weeks: full of anxiety and dread or joyful knowing you gave it your all? Either way, it is up to you!




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