How to Land a Job in an SEO Company With These 3 Amazing Traits

The things in the digital marketing world have become more and more challenging. That's why search engine optimization or SEO companies set their bars high in looking for talents. When looking for candidates, some employers look for a particular set of traits. Sadly, we are not born with all the desirable behaviors wanted by the company owners. 

However, it is important for us to learn these attributes as we grow our career or for us to get the job post we've been dreaming of all our lives. Even if we try learning all of those, we have to remember that no job applicant is perfect. 

All you have to do is to keep in mind that everyone needs to strive hard to improve consistently. With that in mind, HR managers and recruitment staff mostly hire people with these traits:

1. Knows how to lead a team.

Employers love hiring job seekers who are most likely to stay long in the company and have the potential in leading a team. Aspects of leadership are easy to learn which is why business owners like people who are forward thinkers onboard instead of those who are stagnant. 

Since you’re applying for a job post in a company that provides services like SEO management, it would be best if you already have a little background of what the service is all about and the history of the company. It’s perfect to do some research and be able to explain search engine optimization before showing up in the interview.

Let’s say answers to the questions “What is SEO management?” and “How well-created content can affect the reputation of the company?” Therefore, it would be perfect to do a little research and lay the cards on the table during the job interview.

They love it when they see you having room for improvement and creating your performing team in the future. One notable trait of a leader is Democratic. Although he or she delegates some of his or her tasks and authority, he or she still takes full responsibility.

2. One who is resilient.

Powerful and flexible employees are the most sought after applicants of the recruitment team. They are the ones who see everything (including problems that may arise in the future) as a glass half full and deal with them in a positive manner. They don't view hurdles as something that may hinder them in performing their jobs. 

Yes, leaders can fail and they surely will. But they don't get stuck in the corner and sulk. They stand back on their feet and continue aiming for better results.

Ford Motor Company's former CEO, Alan Mulally is a living legend of resiliency. He is one of the most satisfactory corporate turnabouts in history. Mulally was able to guide Ford in avoiding bankruptcy without receiving government bailouts. 

3. One who is competitive.

Successful SEO companies like how does Seo in Adelaide know the difference between their top performing agents and those who are average. These firms understand the importance of creating a clear difference between those who produce numbers in a team compared to their peers. 

They are wise enough to know that those who do more and perform great are those who can be an asset to the company and want nothing but success. Aside from that, they also realize that they are the ones who provide the most creative ideas and convincing and rational ways to beat your competitors.


Your skill in applying all these traits can be vital in determining whether to get the job that you have been dreaming of all your life or missing out on a great opportunity in searching for a job. Remember, we are talking about jobs for an expert in SEO task management. So, expect pressure and challenge when you get the job post.

The best thing to do is to rate your traits honestly. Be ruthless in evaluating yourself. You have to see what your strengths and weaknesses are for you to be aware of what to improve and what to continue doing. 

You also have to think about the possibilities if you remove or even avoid your "not-so-good" traits.  Would it do you any good? Would it raise your chance in getting the job post? Will it be your edge against your co-applicants?

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