How to Make Your Small Law Firm Look More Professional

Larger law firms have a tendency to be heavy-handed with their professionalism. They can afford to be, and all of their expenses are easily justified. As a small law firm, you may not have the same kind of budget. You need to be able to outshine competitors with pockets far deeper than yours. A few small touches can take you a long way in setting a high standard of professionalism for your small law firm.

Use a Great Web Designer

Being a legal professional and being a web designer are two completely different things. You may be an excellent tech lawyer but that doesn’t mean you have the necessary knowledge and ability to craft a professional website. People are quick to judge a book by its cover, and in this case, your cover is your site. You need top notch graphics and logos, easy navigation, and full mobile optimization if you want clients to take you seriously. It’s worth hiring an expert to help you handle the job. Look for web designers who have successfully completed similar projects.

Start a Law Blog

A law blog will give potential clients the opportunity to see what you’re all about before they decide to work with you. It’s a place for you to showcase your knowledge and offer a little bit of advice. It shows that there are real people working behind the scenes, and that those people know exactly what they’re talking about. A regularly updated blog comes with distinct advantages, such as boosting your law firm’s prominence in search engine results. Make sure you’re always providing readers with original content, and make it easy for them to share posts that they find useful.

Call Management Services

Clients and potential clients need to be able to get ahold of you. If you only have a single line and a regular number, it’s going to appear as though you’re running a law firm out of your home. You may be small, but you’re not that small. The people calling you need to know you take your law firm seriously, and they need to know it as soon as the phone starts ringing. It’s not that difficult to set up a professional call system. Companies like Zintel offer all different kinds of packages and bundles, and they’re willing to do most of the work for you.

Set up a Better Billing System

An invoice should never feel like a suggestion. Your clients should know how much you expect them to pay, and when you expect them to make that payment. If you’re using subpar invoices, you may not be getting the point across. Whether you decide to use legal billing software or set up an alternative in-house solution, make sure your invoices are clear. Emailing reminders is a good way to keep in touch, but making a phone call is always better. Your law firm will never be able to grow if your invoices aren’t getting paid, and you need to be prepared to collect.

In short, professionalism comes more from the nuances. It’s the small touches that clients don’t know they’re looking for – they just expect them to be there. Having a keen eye for detail and taking a page out of the bigger firm’s book can carry you a long way.  

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