How To Network In The Legal And Compliance Field

Networking has become the primary source of maintaining business connections and seeking business opportunities at national and international level. In the field of legal and compliance, Networking provides a good ROI in the form of name, fame, and business. With the help of Networking, communication among clients and employers has become boundary-less. 

On this, Houston attorney Joe Stephens mentions, “networking has done its job exclusively.” However, according to the law and order statistics, one in four attorneys do not give any attention to Networking. It allows their circle of potential employers to stay small and limited. It is a loss.

Today we are presenting a guide manual on how to network in the legal and compliance field. It is helpful for those attorneys who have made up their mind on client generation via Networking but are unclear about the ideology of effective communication and socialization.

Online networking sites and an impression of a PRO

The Internet makes the world small to approach anytime and anywhere. Undoubtedly, social media and networking sites open up doors to infinite opportunities. All you need to do is, set up your online profile and let the visitor know all about your working experience. As one of the leading and prominent legal professional, Houston attorney Joe Stephen states, “LinkedIn is quite a platform to build a strong foundation of the network.” To the readers’ surprise, LinkedIn has 303 million active users who come from different industries, educational background, countries, and organizations. You never know when your potential employer will knock into your inbox and bring you business.

Play for a specialized category of Law

Specialization in a single type of Law is considered as a significant factor to ensure that the potential employers come around your profile through the search box. For instance, a businessperson taking over a partner’s business will hire a business law attorney. Similarly, a car accident attorney will be required to handle a car accident and claim process. Thus, identification as an XYZ (criminal/business or more) law specialist does create a positive impact on your career. It allows your connection to reach you in the time of need. 

Attend Networking Events

Networking Events are not complicated; however, law professionals usually find it uncomfortable to communicate with an unknown group of people at the event. It drops down the purpose of the event to nil. Networking events help the lawyers to make new contacts and widen their circle of potential employers. However, if you apply a behavioral theory to an attorney’s networking event, the lawyers seem to join the group of lawyers who they already know. It is quite shocking to advocate the fact that lawyers feel hesitate to converse with a whole new person at a public event.

However, this hesitation is worthless. What’s worth is expanding your network via sitting among the group you are unfamiliar to. It brings up your confidence and business, of course!

Join speaker’s Organization

What’s better than following a career motivational speaker? It is becoming one! For the successful attorneys, speaker’s organizations bring out opportunities through which the highly experienced lawyers can earn some fame among the youth. Have you ever observed the hustle that audience create to meet or shake hands with the speaker? This “center of attraction” in an attorney’s speaker event can be you, quickly. It allows you to share your experience with the worldwide audience and get global acknowledgment as a law specialist. It is a type of Networking where you can pass your law experience to the millions of online users and physical audience present at the moment.

Old but Gold: Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, the trick is never past. The business cards represent the idea of expanding the circle of connections and allow the old link to pass the information on to new potential employers. An impressive business card helps in client generation in a mature way, but it works quite effectively. If you are in a meeting or an event, and you end up passing your business cards to the other people, you have made the best out of your time. You can end a professional meeting by handing out your business card and feel relaxed about the fact that you have made your networking move.


Successful Networking is a pathway to create new business opportunities for oneself. It helps in setting up an endless circle of connections which allows the worldwide employers to reach out and seek law assistance. Undoubtedly, Networking is amazing budge towards international business opportunities and generation of clientele to an extent.


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