How To Optimize A New Law Firm’s Website

Gone are the days when lawyers would rely on traditional advertising and referrals to spread the word about their practice. Instead, the internet has stepped into the role of loyal clients that recommend a law firm, and lawyers can now use online locals to market themselves. As such, law firms are taking the right steps to consolidate their online presence and enhance the outlook and functionalities of their websites.


Talk to SEO Experts

The best way a law firm can ensure that its web pages pop up whenever a potential client is searching for an attorney online is to optimize their sites in top search engines. While lawyers can learn the basics of SEO marketing themselves, it might cost them a lot of time, practice, and patience. The better way is to meet a specialist in SEO marketing and review the webpage and formulate measures to improve its ranking in search engines. While practicing is the greatest strength of a lawyer, working with a link building company that specializes in digital marketing can make a significant difference.


Invest in Lead Generation Tools

These tools let law firms capture information of their prospects to make it easier to reach them. Valuable downloadable materials such as checklists and eBooks, Facebook remarketing and chat windows are some of the top lead generation tools. However, law firms should ensure that their web pages remain unobstructed if they decide to use a chat window. Search engines often penalize a website owner if its chat window can’t be viewed on a mobile screen. Your daily leads could be in the form of emails, posts, and phone calls from mobile device users.


Invest in Web Design

Of course, internet users want to open a web page that is quick to navigate to make it easier to find the desired information. Top search engines led by Google and Yahoo reward websites that are easy to understand and with an eco-friendly system of navigation. Unless a law firm has staff members that are pro in web design, hire a qualified web designer for the development of a professional landing page. Internet users want to visit a relevant page that provides access to every information they want. While it can take a few months to develop a professional site, its benefits can be rewarding in the long run.


Optimize for Local Searches

Apart from general SEO, optimization of local searches plays a critical role in enabling prospects to find you. As such, a law firm might need to search its name on search results to ensure that only the correct information pops up. You also need to use the same address, title, and phone number on search results, directories, and on your web page. A specialist in SEO marketing can help a law firm bring in more phone calls and traffic to its site than before.


Design a Content Plan

Creating a plan for adding high-quality content and mapping out a site is critical in building a consolidated web presence. That means law firms might need to work on their content including their FAQ pages, practice area pages, and the landing page. However, law firms can add blog components to allow for regular updates to keep their web pages up to date and refreshed all the time.


Capitalize on Quality Backlinks

Links are still essential to the success of SEO marketing efforts. A law firm can bring more traffic to its website by linking other sites to its web pages. The use of high-quality links could even increase the ranking of a website on top search results. Though a couple of law firms resort to hidden techniques to link their web pages, experts disregard this idea because it doesn’t generate high-quality links that a law firm would want. Instead of joining a link exchange platform or buying links, lawyers can build theirs naturally.

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