Important Ways to Volunteer and Empower Women of All Ages

For years now, we celebrated the various significant contributions of women from all around the world by dedicating one month of the year to it. However, stories that inspire and drive others to contribute to meaningful change need not remain within the 30-day period of the Women’s History celebration.


Here are some ways for anyone, anytime, to make a difference in and uplift the lives of young girls and women of all colors and backgrounds.


Empower Young Women


Being a role model for girls and young women is important. Whenever possible, empower them to be strong, independent women are most likely confident with their skin. Volunteer in activities that help young girls discover their passions and strengths. Encourage women of all ages to rise to challenge if needed, and to inspire others to create the social change necessary in their communities.


Lend a Hand to Moms


Parenthood is no easy feat. Even under the best circumstances, it can still be a challenge. And to low-income families, especially single moms, the struggle magnifies exponentially. To help parents cope up, try volunteering in a local organization that provides support to young mothers. If it is hard to find a local organization that operates nearby, try starting a group that collects donation, a diaper bank perhaps, or a milk bank.


Stand Up Against All Forms of Domestic Violence


Statistics show that an average of 1 in 3 women will, unfortunately, experience physical abuse that could cause a personal injury. Their intimate partner is often responsible for the act. A New York City Injury lawyer believes that everyone deserves to have justice for their injury and has a right to live a normal, happy life just like everyone else. Sadly,  most injuries caused by Domestic violence leave a scar that impacts women’s mental, social, and psychological well-being.  This eventually leads to some series of therapies and medical attention that can be costly, this is where you need intervention from The Wolf Of Law Street Injury Lawyers.

There are shelters for women that provide them and their children a needed escape. Volunteers have an important role here since shelters need help raising funds, reaching communities to spread awareness, providing emotional support, and ensuring that the operations of the shelter are running smoothly.


Provide an Unsatisfied Need


Sometimes it is essential to take the initiative in extending a hand to the many women in one’s community who need help. One of the issues that still need addressing is human trafficking, particularly of women forced into modern-day slavery.


Gather a group and plan a fundraising activity that will also raise awareness for essential anti-human trafficking efforts. If possible, get a group that can work with an attorney to help file cases and tackle issues that a victim of human trafficking is facing.




There are countless other ways to help support and fight for the rights of women of all ages. Uplift each other. Identify the many other needs in one’s community by creating a dialogue with the local members. Get everyone involved to generate a collective action that can inspire great change.


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